Virtual tours are a visual and interactive simulation of a property or product. They allow users the ability to look around an area, often with a full 360 degree range of view. With products, the interaction typically allows for a full rotation of the item, much like holding it in the hand for closer examination.

Interactivity allows users to collect information or navigate to other areas around a facility. In a well designed tour, users may also engage image galleries and videos, maps, text, audio, web links, settings, and more; to the extent warranted by the property or product owner.

While the extent and depth of use for any virtual tour is dependent on the needs and budget of each client, all virtual tours created by Showcase Panoramics will function on the majority of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, PC’s and Macs.

Note: All images on this page show real working applications on simulated graphic devices.


Most, but not all, virtual tours today are capable of being used on a mobile device. However, it is typical to find very limited function unless the layout, design, and programming are custom built. It is important to ensure good mobile function as many potential customers will be mobile first when it comes to searching for information.


Tablets play a very important role in the delivery of information. Like phones, they are mobile, allowing customers on the go a way of gathering much needed information about a company or product. They also provide much needed screen real estate, making it easier to provide a robust virtual tour. But again, beware. It is important to ask if the virtual tour application being considered is capable of operating on this device type.


Virtual tours displayed on a computers web browser sport the very best options available. The higher processing capability, large screen real estate, and the ability to commonly support both Flash and HTML5 make the interactive experience quite exceptional. Most tours are designed with a computer first approach and we have a number of ready made options available. Customization is also available for all device types.