I build websites. I built this one and quite a few others. I can build yours. And I can do it cheaper than you might think. Why? Because Showcase Panoramics is a small outfit, one guy really. I’ve been building small, but useful websites for a few years, mostly for my own photography and virtual tour services. At some point I started building for other people too. Then I discovered that I had the perfect solution for most people and small businesses. I can build the site, provide the photographs, a virtual tour, search optimization and a Google presence. An all-in-one package. Hopefully you won’t need it all, but if you do, I can help.

I Use WordPress

Wordpress, my development platform of choice, provides a secure and powerful option for creating amazing websites. It is also one of the easiest platforms to manage content. Database driven, it provides a system for user level access, allowing individuals or team members, with varying levels of security privileges, to create, add and modify site layouts and content.

Over the years, WordPress has grown from a simple blog publishing platform to a fully functional, documented and supported website development platform. It has a huge and ever growing base of theme and plug-in developers. And with so many options already created, why reinvent the wheel. WordPress is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to get a site up and running.

The process begins with selecting a theme. I try to find, or assist you with finding, a theme which already includes all, or most, of the functions, features and design elements to suit your needs. Then I add plug-ins to fill in any missing functionality. I can have a site up and running in weeks, or even a few days with a small site. If you already have all of your content on hand, the process is much easier.

Yet as simple is at seems, WordPress does have a pretty intimidating learning curve. That’s where I come in. I offer a range of services to supplement your website. So if you find yourself without any content, I can provide photography, 360 degree virtual tours, and literary editing and assistance for the English language. I can even provide some basic training to get that blog up and running in no time.

Social Media vs. Website

In todays market, social media and sharing is a key element for getting word out about your business. The best analogy to describe it is ‘like a party’. You can mingle with friends and make new ones. You can spread the word about your business and make new contacts. It is, without a doubt, good fun and great for business. But when the party is over, people go home.

That home, in this case, is your website. It is the foundation on which you build an Internet presence. It’s where people go to get real information about your products and services. All the details they didn’t absorb through chat, they now can take the time to study and truly understand what you provide. It also happens to be the single best search engine reference point to help people find you on the Internet, without ‘word of mouth’ social references.

So who wins? We recommend both. Social Media is a great tool to supplement your site, expand your marketing strategy, and organically boost SEO for your site. But eventually everyone migrates to a companies website to receive core information and services.